Founded in 1989 by Jeff Luth and Mike Soldano, the Soldano|Luth firm is now recognized throughout the West for it’s sophisticated waterfront and residential designs.


We are a full service design studio specializing in residential and small commercial projects of high quality and elegant design. You will find our work throughout the neighborhoods, woodlands, islands, and mountains of the Pacific Northwest as well as California, Oregon, Montana and Hawaii. We are highly experienced in waterfront design.

From building design to details of lighting, cabinetry and material finishes, we craft buildings through every phase of the project working closely with owners and tradespeople to obtain a high quality result. Our project management and problem-solving skills facilitate the construction process and control costs.

With more than three decades of experience, we've built our reputation on meeting our clients' functional needs and budgets while producing sustainable, elegant and timeless buildings.

Sustainability in architecture

SLA understands the importance of sustainability in design, and works with clients to create homes that are functionally efficient and environmentally friendly. Details like insulation, roof material, and window placement are the difference between continually resource intensive homes and houses that require minimal energy use. We are experienced in solar panel installment and geothermal heating, and continually look for ways to improve our buildings energy performance. SLA will happily work with clients to create modern, elegant designs that minimize environmental impacts.