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Roki C.

"It has been a real pleasure working with Jeff. A very talented, creative architect who truly listens to the needs/wants of the client and can adapt quickly to the client's wishes.”

"Jeff had great ideas and was readily available to answer any questions or address any concerns we had and did so in a timely manner. He worked well with our designer and our general contractor as well as various subs. We made modifications along the way that were easily interpreted by Jeff and he was able to turn our ideas into tangible outcomes that were not only functional but also visually stunning.”

"Jeff brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the project. I would highly recommend him to others."

Barbara T.

"From foundation to exquisite lighting this firm knows how to design a beautiful home. The finished projects in both cases were beautifully detailed inside and outside. Jeff produces honest architecture. Function follows a beautiful form. It is natural and warm and stands the test of time. Jeff Luth and his staff are highly professional; they are both creative and thorough. They listen to their client and design a house the client wants.... Additionally, his siting considered all of the factors that are important in a location where view and climate management are major factors in the success of the project."

Mike, Kris, and Eric

"The house is beautiful - you did a great job designing it and also making sure it was constructed as it was supposed to be. We really appreciate your help and support throughout the process. We are enjoying spending time in the house. Kris especially likes looking at the water and Cypress Island in the early morning while still in bed and also the kitchen/dining room. Mike likes listening to the waves seemingly lap at the foundation and taking naps in the loft. Eric likes the openness of the living room and upstairs area as well as the deck. The pop out bedrooms that allow a view of the water even from the bedrooms that are not on the water side of the house were a great idea."

Babs M.

"Jeff's design was respectful of the original design but he also skillfully and tastefully updated and expanded the house He is professional and very easy to work with during both the design and construction phases. As with all major projects, challenges can arise and Jeff was always responsive and available to us and to our contractors to resolve them. He managed to arrive at fair and equitable solutions on both of our projects. He has a keen eye for tasteful design, material and color selections and details from start to finish. If we were to either build or remodel again we would not hesitate to use Jeff's services once more."

Upon arising each morning, my wife and I view the Olympic mountains from our bedroom window and sing praises to the creator of our home Jeff Luth!! Well, OK, that’s a bit of a stretch, but, he did create our present home on Phinney Ridge and we do adore it. Our relationship began with Jeff 20 years ago and resulted in a couple of remodels of a home we had near Haller Lake and the make over of the home of one of our children in the Fremont area. He also has been very helpful in looking at various homes with us, making sketches of various improvements that might be done and drafting preliminary plans. One of the many things that makes him special is his ability to transform ones hazy, ephemeral, ideas into concrete, realistic, lovely structures.

Gary C.

Pradeep S.

Jeff, is an incredibly good architect. He designed and oversaw the construction of a large 6k+ sq ft house for us. Not only did we end up with a beautiful house that we enjoy living in, the experience was pleasant, fun and educational. 

Jeff is a very good listener and has an amazing ability to sketch out ideas even as you discuss possibilities. He combines that with excellent aesthetic sense (in the footsteps of Frank Lloyd Wright) to deliver a well designed house that is also functionally very useful.

As may be evident, I couldn't recommend anyone more strongly - I've been selling Jeff to my friends ever since 2001! :-)

Sound Construction

As a custom home building company with over thirty years of experience, we have worked
with dozens of Architects over the years. We recently had the opportunity of working with 
Soldano Luth Architects Specifically Jeff Luth. We believe Jeff to be one of the more professional architects we have worked with. We appreciated Jeff's accessibility, responsiveness to our questions, feedback to our suggestions and attention to detail.


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