Saldano Luth Architects LLC, a full service design studio specializing in residential and small commercial projects of high quality and elegant design. You'll find our buildings throughout Seattle, Bellevue, the Pacific Northwest and the mountain west including California, Oregon, Montana and Hawaii.

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From Seattle to Hawaii, we've designed comfortable and livable homes for families of all shapes and sizes. Homes are more that rooms, they are life experiences



We are highly experienced in waterfront design and permitting.  Our goal is to design homes that enhance these special places.




We have extensive experience reimagining existing residential & commercial buildings.  We strive to seamlisly integrate new systems and spaces while creating compelling overall design.

The land is integral with all our home design.


Soldano Luth has been creating beautiful homes for discriminating homeowners all around the Cascade and Rocky west and have trusted us to realize their aspirations for delightful living. We treat each homesite as a unique landscape challenge. That landscape informs our designs so that owners experience their land as an integrated part of their home. A rooted sense of place becomes fundamental to our projects.  Realizing that sense of place and ownership for our homeowners is what drives us. The owner, the land, then the building is our focus.

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Older buildings can be re-envisioned, upgraded, and restored to serve new owners needs and desires.

With a massive stock of existing buildings, remodeling is an essential part of architectural design.  Soldano Luth has extensive experience remodeling, upgrading, and reimagining existing structures.  Often with a few deft moves the building can become wholly new. Our efforts in remodeling always concentrate on program and add in our own desire to make any remodeled building elegant and new.


Waterfront sites deserves careful integration with the land

Soldano Luth has a high degree of expertise in waterfront residential design. Homeowners with waterfront sites trust us to realize their dreams of a delightful waterfront homes.  Our expertise allows us to design beautiful homes on complex sites. From flood zones to steep slopes to difficult access, to odd sizes, we work to make complexities become assets. Our efforts are always directed at creating homes that are responsive to the owner’s needs, integrated into the landscape, timeless in style, and simple. 



Careful detail carries the design

Details of how the light hits a surface, the wall hits the floor, how a ceiling interacts with a beam, all these matter.  A design, no matter how initially powerful, can survive a careless execution.  


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