A Dry Climate Getaway

The design for this retreat in the desert country of Eastern Washington was formed to compliment the natural setting.   Large deep set windows between thick corners open up to the spectacular scenery while being shielded from the hot sun.    

The retreats spaces are arranged to easily flow together and open out to the landscape and views.  Private spaces, bathrooms & closets,  occupy the thick protective corners.

The outdoor covered porch is shielded from the hot sun by thick sidewalls.  Heavy beetle kill pine planks are layered up to make a thick fire resistant siding. 

The shadier side of the building is more open to the landscape.  The roof is shaped to collect rainwater to a single point and funnel that to a cistern. 

Thick beetle kill pine walls are carried inside the retreat to give it a modern camp like feel. 

As the roof projects up and out the views become larger and more dramatic.

The large banks of floor to ceiling glass with the associated terraces project rooms into the landscape making the modern camp feel.

The result is a dramatically open, modern, camp like retreat in tune with the surrounding environment.