Bainbridge Residence

Tucked into the woods, the design of this Bainbridge Island residence centers on thoughtful placement of its structures between the old Douglas fir, hemlock, and cedar trees. The design evolved into a cross plan to take advantage of both a sunny clearing and forest to the north. The master bedroom with study below project into the treed canopy creating a romantic woodland experience. The family room and great room extend into the brighter sunny meadow, and a terrace connects the meadow with the home.

Broad overhangs, exposed beams and large windows display a northwest modern style. Beams, window trim, and windows are carefully detailed to interlace with each other and produce a tailored and integrated aesthetic. 

Mercer Waterfront Residence

Resting on Mercer Island shoreline, this home-in-progress captures the beauty of it’s surroundings, with cedar-wood beams and angled roofs that draw an onlookers’ attention towards the view of Lake Washington. Large glass windows draw natural light into the home and expose the waterfront view from inside. Open living and kitchen areas, equipped with a cozy fireplace and quick access to a covered terrace keep the design interconnected. The covered terrace includes both an outdoor dining area and fireplace with views of the lake, and is positioned next to a small garden space. This waterfront home exudes style and comfort.

Lakeside Cabana

This small cabana and boat house for owners of a waterfront lot provides additional living space and enjoyment of the existing pool and lake shore. The cabana is linear and tucked into the hill, accenting the slope of the landscape. Inside are a bathroom, kitchenette, and a living space which opens directly to a terrace and lawn. Perfect for guests, relaxing, and storage, the cabana instinctively blends glassy object with shoreline.


Modern Prairie House

Taking inspiration from the landscape around Great Falls, Montana, the design for this home features a path that flows between two forms of the building and finishes on a built up terrace (the wash). The "wash" area protects the terrace and deck from the prevailing winds that follow the Missouri River to Great Falls. The deck on the upper level becomes a bridge between the house elements and extends past the building, adding an exciting prospect from the home and an overlook to the city.

The upper floor houses the master bedroom suite and living areas, while the children's bedrooms and recreation room are below. An exterior terrace and lawn extend the lower level rooms to the outdoors. The roofs of the home flow downhill with the slope of the land and provide generous overhangs. Large beams extend out to carry each roof and help reinforce the horizontal line of the house.

Urban Infill

This modern residence was built on the foundation and floor framing of an existing postwar home that was too small for a growing family. A new second floor added several bedrooms and bathrooms, each with large window views of the surrounding evergreens. Innovative use of cement board panels and aluminum trim combined with shingles give the home a unique modern edge. Subdued colors and use of vertical space allow the home a comfortable fit in a neighborhood that is densely built, while still retaining trees and yard space.

The interior of this 21st century home is both spare and striking. Exposed framing in line with the windows creates a dramatic ceiling for minimal cost. The second floor hallway is a wooded deck dropped onto steel angles between the two solid elements of the house’s upper floor. Cantilevering the upper floor over the existing driveway helped expand the home while maintaining a backyard garage and driveway.


Laurelhurst Modern Remodel

Owners of this Laurelhurst home dolefully asked to remove of a unique dance floor and lift their dining table. With the dining table recessed, the initial design plan involved repurposing its top to became part of a new dance floor. Unfortunately, after much consideration, the unique feature became obviously unsalvageable. With that final decision, the cramped and difficult to access kitchen was remade into a study instead. A new kitchen was installed as well, with a large island and breakfast table. The dining and living rooms were freshened up and the whole main floor now functions as a modern and open living area, providing plenty of space for the family to dance.

Redondo Beach Home

This modern, classic home overlooks Puget Sound from a low bank lot, and takes full advantage of the views and proximity to the shore. Cedar siding, wood windows and warm materials throughout create an inviting look for this light-filled house.

The large, main-level dining room and kitchen can comfortably handle intimate or large gatherings. The dining room becomes even more spacious with sliding doors that open onto a terrace with an outdoor kitchen and a glass canopy that keeps guests dry in inclement weather.

The basement features a rec-room and a small theater, with direct access to a terrace and the waterfront lawn. The entry facade includes a concrete garage face and lighter wood-framed bedrooms to one side, with spacious living areas to the left. The main stairway occupies the light-filled transition area between.


Hillside Cabin

This Montana summer cabin is positioned on an abandoned logging road overlooking Big Sky Lake. The logging road provided a ready-built terrace as well as a good anchor point to build from. The cabin was designed to allow winter snow to slide underneath the structure and off the roof downhill. During the summer months, large overhangs help moderate the sun. A projecting deck allows for the excitement of a promontory view. Under a large barrel-vault roof windows brings in light and open up the cabin to the lake and tree-line views. The children's loft bedrooms include a skylight for nighttime star gazing.


Steilacoom Modern

The owners of this small home with a basement garage in Steilacoom asked SLA to add a second floor and remodel the main level of their home. The design incorporated an existing deck and created a covered back yard terrace. In order to trim costs, the design utilized only the existing foundations. Exterior cedar siding gives the building warmth. Extensive windows provide views to Puget sound from both levels and give the small home a larger feel. With a reconstruction of modest cost over an existing foundation the owners acquired a larger, modern and delightful new home.

Guimes Island Waterfront Home

This Guimes Island beachfront residence boasts views of Puget Sound and the surrounding islands. Large windows on the waterfront side let sunlight into the home and allow owners to experience the serene landscape throughout the home. An open living, kitchen, and dining space connects directly to a patio and beach pathway. A light cedar-wood interior exemplifies the Pacific Northwest aesthetic of the home.

Idaho Lake Cabin

This extensive remodel utilized some of the original foundation while the rest of the cabin was rebuilt. It was important to keep some of the beloved features of the original design, and so SLA incorporated both an open deck and covered screen terrace, each with views to the lake. A bunkhouse in the back was kept intact as a space for all the kiddos to sleep. The interior of the new cabin features a large and open kitchen, dining, and living space that connects to the terraces.

Clerestory windows allow natural light inside, and large windows facing the lake highlight the landscape. The slanted roof of this design allows the cabin to dispel snow build-up, and the cozy fire place and better insulation enable winter usage and enjoyment. Several guest bedrooms allow the owners to include extended family as well as friends in experiencing the beauty of their property.