Medina Remodel

This Medina, Washington home was originally designed by by notable architect William Bain. The renovation by Soldano Luth enhances the intentions of the initial design while accommodating for the needs of the family. Additions to the home help connect the design to the landscape as well as open up the interior spaces for better connectivity within the home. A new bird's nest loft for the owners' study, accessed by a steel bridge and staircase add both functionality and elegance to the interior design.


Mercer Island Residence

This island remodel reuses the foundation of the original building, but with a few deft moves becomes an entirely new home. Adding a steep pitched roof grants breathability from the additional space and higher ceilings. A family room and kitchen addition open the main floor into a free-flowing and connected space, with access to the terrace as well. A canopy over the patio creates a cozy setting for use in rainy weather, and blends the indoor and outdoor aspects of the home.

Mid Century Modern

Rehabilitating this mid-century Seattle home, while still preserving the sensibility of the original 1950’s design was a challenge. New glass walls, steal beams, and light-stained cedar wood complement the 50’s look while adding a modern semblance and pacific northwest character. Views of the forested backyard, and a protruding wooded entryway offer connections to the lush surroundings. The result is a crisp and elegant home, with open and friendly spaces that fit the needs of the homeowners. This design was featured in the Seattle Times and Atomic Ranch magazine.


Yarrow Point Rambler Remodel

New landscape walls and entry paths, along with facade updates, make the street view of this period rambler more appealing and modern. Additions to the basement created an office, media room, and library. Rear yard design completed the home by encouraging a merge of indoor and outdoor family space. Glass window and doorway additions give the home an invigorated feel, bringing in natural light and providing views of the landscape.


Flathead Lake Residence

This cozy waterfront remodel incorporates history with modern elegance into a larger permanent home on Flathead Lake. The stacked wood walls of the original 1940’s cabin became the organizing element of the current living spaces, and are left exposed to reveal the building’s history. Additions to the north and south create new bedrooms and bathrooms. A new bay window addition picks up on the angle of the existing stone fireplace and provides for views south across the lake. A large shed roof covers the building and allows eastern light into the home, as well as views uphill into the forest. A two story garage uphill of the home provides for storage, parking, and a workspace.


Mercer Waterfront Home

This Lake Washington residence was extensively rebuilt, with several tactful decisions transforming it into an elegant waterfront haven. The front window bay organizes the exterior of the home. Behind it the living room is provided a sweeping view of the lake. Raised living room ceilings and skylights create an airy space that draws light deep into the home.

Opening previous interior rooms to each other on the main floor created a welcoming, light filled congregating space adjacent to the large and open kitchen. Additional rooms below, including a study with direct access to the waterfront terrace provide more secluded comfort.


Mondrian House

This home, originally designed by James Chiarelli in the late 1940s, expresses an appreciation for the painter Mondrian. A recent remodel and expansion of the small house upholds the Mondrian style. The original shed roof extends to shelter a new master bedroom. A portion of the roof pitches up to provide a broad view to the secluded back yard. The new, larger kitchen cabinets were laid out in an asymmetric design and stained in soft northwest color.

As Susan Boyle of Docomomo explains, "the new design work acknowledges Chiarelli's original vision and complements it with a contemporary kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom addition." The current house demonstrates how contemporary life can be accommodated within a historic dwelling while preserving its essential character and originality.


Urban Infill

This modern residence was built on the foundation and floor framing of an existing postwar home that was too small for a growing family. A new second floor added several bedrooms and bathrooms, each with large window views of the surrounding evergreens. Innovative use of cement board panels and aluminum trim combined with shingles give the home a unique modern edge. Subdued colors and use of vertical space allow the home a comfortable fit in a neighborhood that is densely built, while still retaining trees and yard space.

The interior of this 21st century home is both spare and striking. Exposed framing in line with the windows creates a dramatic ceiling for minimal cost. The second floor hallway is a wooded deck dropped onto steel angles between the two solid elements of the house’s upper floor. Cantilevering the upper floor over the existing driveway helped expand the home while maintaining a backyard garage and driveway.


Laurelhurst Modern Remodel

Owners of this Laurelhurst home dolefully asked to remove of a unique dance floor and lift their dining table. With the dining table recessed, the initial design plan involved repurposing its top to became part of a new dance floor. Unfortunately, after much consideration, the unique feature became obviously unsalvageable. With that final decision, the cramped and difficult to access kitchen was remade into a study instead. A new kitchen was installed as well, with a large island and breakfast table. The dining and living rooms were freshened up and the whole main floor now functions as a modern and open living area, providing plenty of space for the family to dance.

Steilacoom Modern

The owners of this small home with a basement garage in Steilacoom asked SLA to add a second floor and remodel the main level of their home. The design incorporated an existing deck and created a covered back yard terrace. In order to trim costs, the design utilized only the existing foundations. Exterior cedar siding gives the building warmth. Extensive windows provide views to Puget sound from both levels and give the small home a larger feel. With a reconstruction of modest cost over an existing foundation the owners acquired a larger, modern and delightful new home.

Idaho Lake Cabin

This extensive remodel utilized some of the original foundation while the rest of the cabin was rebuilt. It was important to keep some of the beloved features of the original design, and so SLA incorporated both an open deck and covered screen terrace, each with views to the lake. A bunkhouse in the back was kept intact as a space for all the kiddos to sleep. The interior of the new cabin features a large and open kitchen, dining, and living space that connects to the terraces.

Clerestory windows allow natural light inside, and large windows facing the lake highlight the landscape. The slanted roof of this design allows the cabin to dispel snow build-up, and the cozy fire place and better insulation enable winter usage and enjoyment. Several guest bedrooms allow the owners to include extended family as well as friends in experiencing the beauty of their property.