Idaho Lake Cabin

This extensive remodel utilized some of the original foundation while the rest of the cabin was rebuilt. It was important to keep some of the beloved features of the original design, and so SLA incorporated both an open deck and covered screen terrace, each with views to the lake. A bunkhouse in the back was also kept intact as a space for all the kiddos to sleep. The interior of the new cabin features a large and open kitchen, dining, and living space that connects to the terraces.

Clerestory windows allow natural light inside, and large windows facing the lake highlight the landscape. The slanted roof of this design allows the cabin to dispel snow build-up, and the cozy fire place and better insulation enable winter usage and enjoyment. Several guest bedrooms allow the owners to include extended family as well as friends in experiencing the beauty of their property.

Mercer Island Modern

This Mercer Island home uses a single story layout featuring floor to ceiling glass that faces a forested view and covered terrace. A ground level pool and outdoor fireplace enrich the lives of this active northwest family and incorporate the landscape into the home. The design centers around a large and open living area and kitchen, with a bedroom wing and set-back garage on either side. The master bedroom parallels the covered terrace and includes direct patio access to the fireplace and pool. Perfect for private relaxation or social gatherings, this boldly modern home exceeds the standards of discriminating homeowners while remaining tastefully simple.


Mercer Waterfront Residence

Resting on Mercer Island shoreline, this home-in-progress captures the beauty of it’s surroundings, with cedar-wood beams and angled roofs that draw an onlookers’ attention towards the view of Lake Washington. Large glass windows draw natural light into the home and expose the waterfront view from inside. Open living and kitchen areas, equipped with a cozy fireplace and quick access to a covered terrace keep the design interconnected. The covered terrace includes both an outdoor dining area and fireplace with views of the lake, and is positioned next to a small lawn or garden space. This waterfront home exudes style and comfort.

Bainbridge Residence

Tucked into the woods, the design of this Bainbridge Island residence centers on thoughtful placement of its structures between the old Douglas fir, hemlock, and cedar trees. The design evolved into a cross plan to take advantage of both a sunny clearing and forest to the north. The master bedroom with study below project into the treed canopy creating a romantic woodland experience. The family room and great room extend into the brighter sunny meadow, and a terrace connects the meadow with the home.

Broad overhangs, exposed beams and large windows display a northwest modern style. Beams, window trim, and windows are carefully detailed to interlace with each other and produce a tailored and integrated aesthetic. 

Anacortes Residence

The design of this Anacortes home needed to respond to the steep, rocky slope of its site, the adjacent forest, and the panoramic views of Guemes Island and the distant Cascade Mountains. To meet these parameters, the building faces the water on one side and the forest on the other, while the layout of the building follows the topography of the land.

The main floor consists of two opposing wings, each with a cantilever enclosed in glass, exposing the specific views. The house consists of glulam beams and a simple shed roof. The kitchen, living and dining areas spill out onto a terrace, extending the living space outdoors.

On the water side, tall windows and deep overhangs allow for plenty of natural and indirect light. On the hill side, the clerestory windows and slope of the roof allow the southern sun to penetrate the space even on rainy, Northwest days.


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Kirkland Lakefront

This new lakefront home is designed to take advantage of its beautiful low bank site. A raised covered terrace on the lake side, equipped with a large outdoor fireplace and kitchen, provide a delightful connection to the lake and extension of the house. Another terrace to the east provides a more protected and intimate outdoor space for use in wet northwest weather.

The home has a main floor for company and living. Bedrooms are above and a basement is below. The glassy facade helps bring in plenty of light and provides views of the water.


Carmel Residence

With sweeping views of the grasslands and mountains near Carmel, this Santa Lucia Preserve home is organized as a relaxed group of buildings around a courtyard and a large oak tree.

Landscaping weaves in and around the structures. A main pavilion contains the living room, dining, and kitchen, while the master bedroom and bathroom occupy a smaller building at the end of the courtyard. Guest bedrooms occupy a separate pavilion which slopes over a natural grassland swale. From this grouping, a long corridor runs south to the main entry, bathroom, study, and garage.

The home features pitched roofs, thick stucco walls, and muted colors, allowing the rolling mountain landscape to hold precedence. Exposed steel trusses evoke the barns and industrial buildings of an earlier era. Extended stone terraces create shaded exterior living spaces for seasonal use.


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Whidbey Island Bluff House

Innovative and modern, this Whidbey Island bluff home takes full advantage of its panoramic view. Cut into a small hill, the design utilizes space without intruding on the landscape. A covered garage rests on the grass underneath the building, and a concrete base offers glassy entrances into the home above. Exterior colors include muted greys and browns to blend with the windswept landscape. Large, west facing windows extend the view of Puget Sound across the length of the home. Owners and guests can regularly enjoy unobstructed sunset displays.

Edmonds View Residence

Set within a wooded lot overlooking Puget Sound, this new home features living area views to the water, and a sheltered terrace to the east. A master bedroom suite also captures an unobstructed view of the sound. A gradual slope blends the west terrace with the landscape. The recreation level below uses the existing slope to incorporate the building into the landscape. Soft exterior tones and the angled roof allow the design to complement the site.


Phinney Ridge Modern

This inner Seattle home atop Phinney Ridge features living and outdoor terrace spaces that overlook the city and distant Olympic mountains. The home is modern yet relaxed. Concrete landscape walls are interlaced with a flowing paver pattern, and a city required retention pond is now a landscape feature near the front door. Inside, a large art studio opens out onto a terrace above the garage. The kitchen, dining, and living areas are all connected as one open room, with floor to ceiling glass that illuminate the home and expand the city view. Extra insulation combined with a solar panel array atop the flat roof make the home energy efficient and renewably powered. 

Ames Lake Residence

This residence integrates perfectly with the views and contours of a beloved wooded area, and overlooks a small lake. At the owner's request, the house uses a single-floor layout. Extended canopied-terrace designs and large open-roofed elements separated by glass passageways blend the interior of the home with the landscape. Hand-laid stone walls extend from the house into the landscape to compliment the projections of the large overhangs and canopy extensions. The strong horizontal sense also compliments the surroundings.

The great room is organized around a large stone fireplace, with light flooding the room from windows above. The west exterior terrace features an outdoor fireplace, and an overhead canopy and heating elements allow the residents to enjoy three-season outdoor relaxation. The musical gurgle of a small pond nearby adds to the ambience.

The southwest terrace features a swimming pool and is connected to a pool house with its own private terrace, small kitchen, and two bedrooms, to perfectly accommodate extended visits from friends and family.


Flathead Lake Residence

This cozy waterfront remodel incorporates history with modern elegance into a larger permanent home on Flathead Lake. The stacked wood walls of the original 1940’s cabin became the organizing element of the current living spaces, and are left exposed to reveal the building’s history. Additions to the north and south create new bedrooms and bathrooms. A new bay window addition picks up on the angle of the existing stone fireplace and provides for views south across the lake. A large shed roof covers the building and allows eastern light into the home, as well as views uphill into the forest. A two story garage uphill of the home provides for storage, parking, and a workspace.


Orcas Island Retreat

The aesthetic appeal of a large rock outcropping overlooking Puget Sound serves as the focal point for the design of this island home. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are enclosed in a glass-walled pavilion abut the rock terrace. An outdoor fireplace compliments the outcropping's natural beauty. The house bridges a small ravine to connect to a bedroom pavilion, which overlooks a private cove. The bridge contains the owner's study and provides well-lit cover for the front entry. The three gabled pavilions fit serenely on the dramatic shoreline and help to define the surrounding outdoor spaces, at the same time providing a strong sense of shelter for activities within the home.


Lakeside Cabana

This small cabana and boat house for owners of a waterfront lot provides additional living space and enjoyment of the existing pool and lake shore. The cabana is linear and tucked into the hill, accenting the slope of the landscape. Inside are a bathroom, kitchenette, and a living space which opens directly to a terrace and lawn. Perfect for guests, relaxing, and storage, the cabana instinctively blends glassy object with shoreline.


Mercer Island Residence

This island remodel reuses the foundation of the original building, but with a few deft moves becomes an entirely new home. Adding a steep pitched roof grants breathability from the additional space and higher ceilings. A family room and kitchen addition open the main floor into a free-flowing and connected space, with access to the terrace as well. A canopy over the patio creates a cozy setting for use in rainy weather, and blends the indoor and outdoor aspects of the home.

Bellevue Modern

Southwest views of Lake Washington and a wide back yard are the attraction of this Bellevue location. The home is designed for a young family, with bedrooms on the second level and a guest suite on the main floor to cater to the longer stays of grandparents. A spacious kitchen and dining area open to a large covered terrace with southeast sun exposure. A separate living room, with the master suite above boast views of Lake Washington.

The flat roof form of the entrance side of the house compliments the grand sweep of the shed roof covering the remainder of the home. Two siding materials are used to accentuate the forms and give the house a sculpted look.

Yarrow Point Residence

The strong lines and simple gable forms of an existing farm building on the site inform the aesthetics of this waterfront home. Durable materials such as board and batten siding, brick chimneys and metal roofing emphasize its homey simplicity and graceful strength.

The building integrates seamlessly into its waterfront site by a series of terraces and canopy roofs. Visitors experience this by traveling an entry path that creates a sequence of spaces, beginning from the garages, cascading down to the entry vestibule, and then moving alongside the main living areas down to the lakefront dock. Rooms in the home eddy off this main path. The final result is a grounded home of strong character that embraces the land, the lake, and the views.


Mondrian House

Mondrian House

This home, originally designed by James Chiarelli in the late 1940s, expresses an appreciation for the painter Mondrian. A recent remodel and expansion of the small house upholds the Mondrian style. The original shed roof extends to shelter a new master bedroom. A portion of the roof pitches up to provide a broad view to the secluded back yard. The new, larger kitchen cabinets were laid out in an asymmetric design and stained in soft northwest color.

As Susan Boyle of Docomomo explains, "the new design work acknowledges Chiarelli's original vision and complements it with a contemporary kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom addition." The current house demonstrates how contemporary life can be accommodated within a historic Modern dwelling while preserving its essential character and originality.


Redondo Beach Home

This modern, classic home overlooks Puget Sound from a low bank lot, and takes full advantage of the views and proximity to the shore. Cedar siding, wood windows and warm materials throughout create an inviting look for this light-filled house.

The large, main-level dining room and kitchen can comfortably handle intimate or large gatherings. The dining room becomes even more spacious with sliding doors that open onto a terrace with an outdoor kitchen and a glass canopy that keeps guests dry in inclement weather.

The basement features a rec-room and a small theater, with direct access to a terrace and the waterfront lawn. The entry facade includes a concrete garage face and lighter wood-framed bedrooms to one side, with spacious living areas to the left. The main stairway occupies the light-filled transition area between.


Ballard Bungalow

Built on a narrow, undeveloped city lot, this bungalow's design provides functional comfort for a family with two active boys. The plan utilized an existing garage at street level, breaking into a new basement from the back. The living level utilizes the top of this garage as an extended outdoor terrace on the street side.

The four-level home includes a master bedroom with centrally located bay window that overlooks the street side. Above, a craft and hobby attic room with views to the east and west, as well as operable skylights, provides a peaceful activity space for the children. On the main floor, the living area is extended onto a private terrace and yard for more secluded outdoor enjoyment.